Outdoor Cooking With Brick Oven Pizzas

When you think about outdoor cooking you often think about cooking on the grill or maybe making marshmallows or hot dogs on a campfire. Or maybe the idea conjures up backpacking. All those are wonderful outdoor cooking ideas. But here’s another idea to throw in the quote-unquote fire. That being, have you ever considered installing an outdoor brick oven pizza maker? It probably will be a steep investment. But when you have friends over it will be a great way to serve dinner, especially in the summertime.

This item is going to cost a little bit more than cooking a steak on the grill. Be prepared to spend around $1000, although there are some that you can buy for less than that. It all depends on what you want, but in a lot of peoples’ minds, “the bigger, the better”.

Say you want to go all out with your brick oven pizza maker, and you’ve got an unlimited amount of cash to spend – the sky is the limit! You’re going to want to do more than just have your outdoor pizza oven. Any oven is probably going to cost you about $1000, but you can buy a basic one for a couple of hundred dollars. Although you don’t want to just pop it in the middle of your backyard, right? Probably not. If you have the money, you really want to build an entire outdoor kitchen and entertainment set. I’m talking about the stuff you see on TV, when you watch HDTV and you see all those guys with their outdoor brick oven pizza makers, kitchen, Grill Mat and serving station sets.

For a little inspiration and entertainment, why not imagine this for a while. You own an outdoor kitchen and outdoor entertainment set. If you have a setup like that you can probably afford a $1000 pizza oven. So let’s talk about a couple different pizza ovens, which company makes them, and what you can expect to pay. The first item on our list is the Pacific Living Outdoor Pizza Oven. This bad boy is self-proclaimed to be able to cook 16 inch pizzas in the large oven capacity. It comes with a pizza stone, and even has a smoker box. This thing is made out of high quality 430 stainless steel and is sure to please, but at a price tag at well over $1000.

Maybe you are looking for something a little smaller. Then consider the Fornetto Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven on Cart. This guy still comes with a high price tag, but once you look at it you might understand why. This hot item has both a convection oven and smoking features. It even comes with two stainless steel shelves and body. This guy, unlike our first example is made for easy mobility.